IT Support for Businesses

Berox is a Brussels-based company active for more than 20 years in the IT support and maintenance arena.
Our team, is composed of passionate technicians all holding a Bachelor’s degree in Computer.

Berox is the ideal partner to advise and support you in the evolution of your infrastructure.

We offer a full range of services for your business !


Returning your computer/network/server to service in case of failure or breakdown onsite or remotely

Daily users support by a simple phone call or email

The administration, preventive maintenance and upgrade of your infrastructure

The proactive monitoring of your servers, computers and other devices

Assistance and advice in the implementation of your various projects

Securing your network and computers against threats and viruses

The timely reinforcement of your team for a few days, weeks or months;

Our clients are not bound to a contract. Our only guarantee of loyalty is your satisfaction !

Backup your data on site or in the cloud to ensure a quick recovery in the event of a crash

Implementing a professional email solution with advanced features, on premises or in the cloud

Help to reduce printing costs with tailor-made solutions

The provision of computer hardware and associated professional service



To know more about our methods of intervention and our rates, call us on 02 644 12 52 or visit our Pricing page.